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Published Nov 07, 20
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When you are looking for an online math tutor for your child, it is, of course, important to find a tutor who is an expert in math! Depending on what grade or skill level your student is, you want to be sure that the tutor you find is knowledgeable in that specific math area.

But, they should also be able to work with your student as they progress through their math curriculum. As an example, a tutor who is comfortable teaching high school math should be very comfortable teaching middle school math as well and will also know what foundational requirements are needed for your child in middle school as they move ahead in their curriculum..

One of the benefits of a math tutor is the one-on-one learning provided. You want to find a tutor and program who will take the time to initially assess your student’s math level and personalize a plan to match their goals. In addition, the math-tutor should have the capability to provide thoughtful insights about why your child may be having gaps in their math knowledge.

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The Thinkster tutoring app does just this. Our program begins with your student taking a skills assessment to gauge their current knowledge and skill level. A personalized diagnostic matrix is then created for your child highlighting areas of strengths and weaknesses. Then, a Thinkster Academic Advisor meets with you to review the results and discuss a personalized plan that will directly meet your student’s individual needs, matching them with the right tutor.

Besides finding tutor who just knows math, it is important to find someone who is passionate about the subject. Passion will ensure that your online math tutor is staying on top of math trends and teaching styles and strategies. It will also ensure that your tutor has the capability to work with your student when frustrations arise.

Enthusiasm is also important in the online tutoring world because students rely on the tone and body language they see on their screen in order to learn. Someone who is passionate about what they are teaching and is trained in online tutoring techniques will make sure nothing is lost in translation.

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This will help your student understand how a math problem can be broken down to smaller definable parts with the use of multiple problem solving strategies. Your student will begin to understand that once they know that different tools and methods can be employed to solve a particular problem, it gives them the confidence that they can solve any problem.

If they have a website, the tutor may have testimonials about their work. They may also have a Facebook page or other social listing where you can see their reviews. If you cannot find any testimonials or keys to their reputation, you can ask the tutor for the contact information of the parents of some of their current and/or past students.

We also make sure that they can show improvement in your student’s math performance in the shortest time with results that you can also track weekly and monthly. This goes alongside having a good reputation, but you want to be sure your tutor is a professional and acts like one.

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A professional math tutor will also use appropriate language with your student and share relevant examples (via video tutorials, worksheets, websites or real life examples) as needed. How do you know your tutor has the needed professionalism? See if the following things make you feel good about the choice you are making: Are they transparent about the results they have generated for other students? Do they have ready parent references and testimonials that they have in their website or can give you connections to parents who can vouch for them? Do they appear authentic and genuinely interested in working with your student? Are they so over-booked that they don’t have the extra few minutes to speak with you if you have additional clarification questions? Just like passion, patience is an important quality in a tutor as things can get a little stressful sometimes.