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How you do that comes down to your choice of cigar cutter. Possibilities include a guillotine, a cigar punch or the less common V-cutter and cigar scissors. But perhaps the easiest method to master is the cigar punch. Why? Because the process is comparatively simple. It only requires the creation of a circular hole in the end of the cigar’s cap to let smoke and air flow through.

Furthermore, the compact size of cigar punches makes them easier to carry. Of all the cigar cutting options, punches are really the most ideal for keeping on your person at all times. The major drawback to a cigar punch is that they can only be used on rounded caps. And, as they produce a smaller hole for smoke and air to flow through, you may find a cigar cut with a punch becomes tarry over time and delivers a slightly less flavor than guillotine-cut cigars.

There are options for smokers who prioritize function, punches for people who love style and a range that balance the two beautifully. With its compact and high-quality build, the Xikar 7mm Twist Punch Gunmetal is a convenient and functional answer to punching your cigar. It sports a razor-sharp cylindrical blade for a clean cut.

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In addition, the gunmetal device also includes a handy key ring for easy attachment to your keys, backpack or other loops about your person. Courtesy of Humidor Discount If you are going to be carrying a cigar punch around with you, you may as well choose one which looks cool.

Brog Stainless Steel Cigar Punch ticks all the boxes. It includes a key ring to make carrying it easy and a screw-top cap which provides easy access to the blade underneath. Courtesy of Amazon If you have friends or family who also enjoy the occasional cigar, why not get the OYHBO Cigar Punch and surprise them with a handy gift? This three-piece set includes one black, one blue and one gray-colored punch, making it ideal for sharing or gifting to friends.

Courtesy of Amazon This Key Ring Punch Cutter is another option which sports a simple yet effective design. To use it, simply pop off the cap of the pill-shaped device and punch your cigar before replacing the lid on the waterproof plastic housing. This punch is available in a range of different colors and includes a built-in key ring for attaching the compact device to your keys or other belongings.

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The compact and smart design includes both a cigar punch and a bottle opener. The large-gauge punch delivers a comprehensive hole in the cap, while the lightweight, durable construction makes it capable of dealing with all the elements. Additionally, the spring-locked loop easily attaches to golf bags, backpacks and belt loops.

It includes both a cigar punch and a butane cigar lighter. It’s also constructed from a durable zinc alloy which results in a durable and sturdy product capable of producing triple jet flames for lighting cigars and cigarettes with ease. In addition, this quality product makes for a classy gift idea for birthdays, father’s day or weddings.

Inside the punch, you’ll find two individual circular blades which allow you to pick between different hole sizes. The stylish cigar punch also includes a key ring for attaching it to your belongings or carrying it by hand. Courtesy of Amazon While it may not look quite like the average cigar punch, nor work like one, either, the SD Select Draw Cigar Cutter Cigar Punch Tool does let you prep your cigars for smoking.

This alternative preparation allows you to tailor the number of holes to your tastes and helps you maximize your cigar’s flavor. The aluminum construction also makes it a stylish piece you won’t be afraid to use in front of friends. Additionally, the punch includes a protective screw top and a drawstring bag for easy storage.

The smart push-pull mechanism instantly exposes the stainless steel blade housed inside. When retracted, the blade also clears itself of any loose tobacco - review of Punch cigars. The compact, silver device includes a handy, built-in key ring that can attach to a belt loop or any other belonging to make it easy to keep it on you when you’re on the move.

Like some of the others in this list, this punch comes with a key loop so you can keep it safe and near at all times. It’s modern-looking and doesn’t exude any excessive qualities, which is good if you’re the type that likes to hide their love for cigars or keep your habits on the DL.