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Published Nov 16, 20
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They make a huge difference to how quickly your student will show performance improvement in math! You know that look your child gets when they’re struggling with their homework. It’s not a good one, and we all know how hard it is to learn when we’re feeling bad about it ourselves.

Encouragement from an objective, third-party source can be just the boost your student needs to work hard and master a math skill, giving them confidence outside of the classroom, too. Online tutoring provides an additional expectation of direct, and sometimes immediate, accessibility to your tutor, whether it’s time for a tutoring session or not.

While you may not be able to expect 24/7 responsiveness from your online math tutor, you want to look for one who is reliably available to you on a regular basis. As the parent, you want to receive updates on your student’s progress in a timely fashion, which is why we created a Parent App.

Plus, with the Thinkster online math tutoring program, your student will receive daily grading and feedback from their dedicated coach, whether or not you reach out first. There are plenty of people who know a specific topic really well. But, this doesn’t mean they can necessarily teach it to other people, especially children who are struggling.

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Pick a simple enough problem that the tutor can spend no more than 10 minutes to teach this concept. Better yet, have a single tutoring session as a trial and let the tutor know that you want to see how this engagement works for your student. Do not hesitate to be direct, but respectful in your communications with your tutor.

Open a conversation with a tutor and say that you want to try out a tutoring session. If it does not work out for you or your student, there are no hard feelings afterwards, as you were clear about wanting a trial. It is very beneficial to find a tutor with teaching experience or who can show examples of how they teach math concepts.

We also provide a one-week free trial so that you can get first-hand experience with the program as well as with your assigned tutor. This is an important quality of a great math tutor. When your student either gets frustrated or cannot seem to grasp a specific concept, it will require patient persistence from their tutor to encourage them to finish their session.

When it’s time for your tutoring sessions, you don’t want to have any delays or technical difficulties. Plus, you want your student to get the full benefit of online tutoring, so a tutor with knowledge of additional online resources can provide an added benefit. One-on-one time is important when mastering new topics, so it is important that your tutor is prepared for each of your sessions.

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Small touches, like asking your child how that big test went or what questions they had from their least math worksheets, will go a long way when it comes to building trust with your child. Our Thinkster Math program provides a dedicated tutor for each student. This teacher is assigned to your child for the entire academic year.

Being reliable goes hand in hand with being prepared. When it comes to your child’s education, you want to find a reliable online math tutor who does what they say, and does this in a timely manner. If they say they’re going to find extra math worksheets, they need to provide the downloadable link for you and your child.

This helps you and your student build trust in their tutor, which is an important to accelerate learning in the shortest time. If your student is really struggling with math, it’s important to have a tutor who is not afraid to try something new or different to help them over their learning plateau.

There are resources for online tutors to better their skills as a teacher and help the students they are serving. Your tutor should have knowledge of and access to a library of resources that will benefit your student. Last, and certainly not least, look for an online math tutor who wants your child to succeed as much as you do.

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You’ll be able to tell pretty quickly if this is true by how the tutor responds to teach difficult math problems, how she talks to your child and how open she is with you about their progress. If your math tutor is aligned with your needs, she’ll give 100% to the tutoring sessions with your child and do all it takes to help your child master their math skills.