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Published Apr 09, 21
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Aging Room Cigars have been quietly taking the cigar industry by storm over the past several years. They are manufactured by Boutique Blend, Inc - a sister company to Oliveros Cigars. They are blended by Rafael Nodal. Aging Room Cigars focus on making limited-edition small batch runs of cigars. Featuring rare tobacco, all Aging Room Cigars are handmade and undergo strict standards before they are released to retailers.

Aging Room premium cigars are a product of the Boutique Blends laboratory. A concept first introduced by Rafael Nodal in 2010, Boutique Blends is a group dedicated exclusively to the production and distribution of boutique, small-batch cigar brands including Swag and, of course, the Aging Room lines. Nodal himself says, “We are not producing cigars for everyone.

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Not sure where to start here? Jump in with Aging Room Quattro F55, the highest rated non-Cuban cigar on the Top 25 Cigars of the Year in 2013 - here. This 93-rated classic earned the #2 spot, and is a fantastic medium to full-bodied package. Or, check out the 91-rated Aging Room Bin No.

Aging Room Quattro Nicaragua Figurado Coming this Fall August 26, 2020 In November, Altadis U.S.A. will be releasing the Aging Room Quattro Nicaragua Impromptu, a limited-edition, box-pressed cigar tapered at both ends.

As for the brass knuckles on the Aging Room Cigars band, that’s another story. According to Hank Bischoff from Boutique Blends, he and Rafael Nodal were visiting the aging room and discovered some brass knuckles on one of the shelves. As it turned out, one of the rollers left them there, and Hank and Rafael saw it as a good omen.

“So we included them on the band, box, artwork, etc., so they can keep looking out for us and this great blend.”The Aging Room Havao Connecticut is a Dominican Puro blended with an Ecuadorian-grown Connecticut-seed wrapper and Dominican Havano Criollo filler. Produced in limited quantities, this offering from Boutique Blends is a carefully constructed, creamy and spicy smoke with great flavor nuances and a long, savory finish.

These boutique stogies boast bold Nicaraguan flavor with a little bit of caramel sweetness and some of the best construction you’ll find anywhere. The Aging Room Maduro was blended using all Dominican grown Habano as filler and binder with a beautiful, oily and powerful Nicaraguan maduro wrapper, aged for over 5 years using the unique proprietary curing and aging process that has made Aging Room one of the highest rated cigar brands.

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1 cigars were named for the spot in the company's warehouse where this rare Dominican blend was aged for fifteen years. Featuring an Ecuadorian Habano wrapper around matured Dominican binder and filler tobaccos from the legendary Cibao Valley growing region, Bin No. 1 is naturally sweet and remarkably rich in subtle complexity, continuing cigar maestro Rafael Nodal's grand tradition of composing harmonious and flavorful "music for your palate."We invite you to Aging Room cigars for yourself—the tobaccos in the blend won’t be around forever, and whichever blend you choose, we guarantee you’ll be impressed.

Aging Room & Boutique Blends Cigars is the company responsible for the well-rated, highly-acclaimed SWAG and Aging Room cigars; and while these brands put Cuban-born Rafael Nodal on the map, his role in the company's success runs much deeper than churning out delicious small batch after small batch of smokes.

HCCC was founded in 1996, and made premium hand rolled cigars during the boom - most notably reestablishing the Cuban Oliveros brand of cigars. Oliveros cigars was their first brand to debut, launching as a flavored cigar that was being manufactured in the Dominican Republic. But within a year, the Cigar Boom went bust...and with America turning its collective attention away from cigars, Habana Cuba Cigar had to find a new way to sell their smokes.

As Habana Cigars' most successful marketers, Rafael and Hank were brought on staff to advise the company; not long after, Habana's owners wanted out of the tobacco market, and sold their lines of flavored and premium Oliveros lines to Nodal, his wife Alina and Bischoff in 2002. The new owners decided that it was time to focus on premium hand made cigars, and turned to Nick Perdomo for help.

Partnerships like these would continue over the next few years, involving Nick, Nestor Plasencia and other talented cigar makers - including José "Jochi" Blanco and his Dominican Tabacalera La Palma. As Nodal & Bischoff began specializing in these more limited batch cigars, they worked with Blanco on the Dominican puro blend that would become SWAG.